Prints not Sticking or Sticking too Well

Key Points:

  • Adhesion Options
  • Build Plate - Level and Clean
  • Print Head Tight, Clean and Clear
  • Cura Settings
  • Filament Condition

Adhesion Options:

As far as Adhesion goes it is material dependant. If printing with PLA I print directly on to the naked clean glass (use Isopropyl or similar spray and wipe with paper towel before every print).

  • When printing on clean glass use build plate adhesion settings to turn on the 'Brim' this will need to be cut of after the print but stops warping and curling.
  • If printing Materials other than PLA be sure to use glue stick to apply a thin layer of glue to the glass.
  • Always let glass cool fully to room temperature (longer than on display cool down loading bar) before trying to remove part.
  • Some time bluntly tapping the object with a rubberised (not wood) handle - ie the end of a paint scrapper help/ the micro vibrations loosen the print.
  • Occasional removing the plate and running cold water helps - Warning! > only if glass is already cooled to room temp or it may shatter if hot!
  • ObviousIy you should all ready use a sharp edged paint scrapper to help get prints off
  • There is or should still be a sticker on the glass - make sure this is always facing up as the other side of glass has different finish which doesn't work as well

Build Plate:

Secondly it is important to Clean the build plate on a semi regular occasion as each layer of glue added will decrease the over all flatness of the bed causing a range of issues. As far as filament not sicking when printing there are two main causes, the nozzle isn't close enough to the glass so you need to re-level the bed tighter (ie- more resistance when calibrating with card or paper). Side note if you have taken the glass off and cleaned it make sure that you put it back with the little "hot warning triangle !" facing up as Filament has trouble sticking to the back side of the glass. 

Print Head:

If your nozzle is partially blocked this can cause extruded filament to curl up away from the build plate creating adhesion issues It may take a good couple of tries to get it right but the atomic method is still the only way to clear the nozzle.

Note : if it snaps or won't come out when you pull you will need to re heat and do again but try a higher temperature adjusting 2deg each time you try until lit comes out clean

Cura Settings:

It is recommend to print with 'Build Plate Adhesion' turn on - Under custom settings this is called 'Brim'.


Old Filament can some times start to degrade which can cause issues with extrusion and build plate adhesion - Try a new roll